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hunter valley, christian, groundlevel, maitland, church
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GROUNDLEVEL Church is a relaxed and friendly church, whose aim is to simply follow Jesus.

We are genuine about wanting to be real Christians, who put God first in everything we do.

Not a Christian? This is the perfect place for you to come and see what Christianity is.

Are a Christian? This is the perfect place to be encouraged and discipled. 

Come and check out church on a Sunday morning at 10 AM, or visit one of the groups that meet during the week!

For more info fill in the contact us form and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

GROUNDLEVEL Church is a part of Acts Global Churches, for more info about what we believe, our vision and our values head to

About Us

THE pastor 

Pastor Chloe Ellenbacher & Evan Ellenbacher

Chloe and her husband Evan are passionate about church and inspire others to feel the same. Having both grown up in the Maitland area, they have a strong desire to demonstrate the hope that Jesus brings to their community. They'd love for you to join in with what's happening at GROUNDLEVEL in 2020!