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core values

Every church has a 'flavour' and we want to be intentional about what we are!
The following core values sum up what we are about...

We have a funny name- 'Groundlevel'- and it's to reflect this desire to always remain a 'grounded' group of people.
What does 'being grounded' mean to us though??
1. We always want people to feel free to let their guard down. We aren't trying to hide anything, and we hope that anyone who comes to a church event/meeting or chats to someone who does- gets a sense of genuiness and authenticity. No pretense, no 'show', we don't take ourselves too seriously- we are just normal people who are aware we're not perfect, but we are giving our all to change into better people (with God's help).
2. Also, this idea of being 'grounded' comes from our massive passion to base everything we do on the bible. We see it as our instruction manual for life, our daily dose of encouragement and believe in it's real power today. We always want to remain 'grounded on the bible'.

We don't think anyone simply 'goes' to church, we know that we 'ARE' the church.
We believe God has put each person in a unique position in life and that it is *everyone's* responsibility to be a representative of God where they are.
We don't want to be the church of 1 minister, but a church full of ministers- all taking responsibility for sharing God's love with their own world.

Young, old, in between- every aged person is vitally important.

We want kids to see our church as 'theirs', we want middle aged people to see our church as 'theirs', we want the mature aged folks to see our church as 'theirs'. There's no intended age group for this thing- it's for everyone!

We think we work best when all age groups get together, as every age group brings so much value to the table.


To be frank, we don't want to be a bunch of negative, 'the world is terrible', 'everything is bleak' people. The bible offers so much hope, even in the midst of pain, that we want to remain forever a hopeful/optimistic group of people. 
We need to spur each other on in life- to essentially activate each other to lift up our heads again. We don't pretend that the hard times don't exist, but we know there's more than just what we can see AND we know there's more amazing things after life that await us.

The aim is not to get people to sit through an hour's church service and then forget about God the rest of the week, we are in a constant state of activation> sharing God's love with the world, wherever we happen to be.

Let's get going and get out there! No time to waste!

Hey- you're not alone!
We are in this together- through the good times (when we'll party with you) and through the hard times (when we'll carry your heavy stuff with you). We are a community, a family.
We want to help each other, it's a two way street and everyone's invited.

what we believe

  • The one true and living God who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • The Divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Scripture.

  • The original perfection of creation; the inherent corruptness of humanity through the Fall; the necessity of repentance and regeneration by grace and through faith in Christ alone, and the eternal separation from God of the finally unrepentant.

  • The virgin Birth, sinless life atoning death, triumphant Resurrection, ascension and continuing intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Second Coming, and eternal Kingdom reign.

  • The justification and sanctification of believers through the finished work of Christ, their security as they remain in Him, and their future resurrection in an incorruptible body.

  • Baptism in water and regular communion as important rituals.

  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit for believers with supernatural signs, empowering the Church for its mission in the world.

  • All of the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Church and ministry to the world.

  • Christ's leadership of the Church through the ascension ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, for the unity, maturity and growth of the Church.

  • The privilege and responsibility of wise stewardship of all that God has given, including being generous financially.

  • We believe that the covenant of marriage is the union of a man and a woman who have voluntarily entered into a loving, committed and exclusive relationship for as long as both live.

  • We believe that God created us distinctly male and female

Groundlevel Church is a part of Acts Global Chu​rches, a Pentecostal denomination that has nearly 200 churches across Australia and an increasing number overseas. For more information visit

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