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you're invited to church! 

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday morning church is great but it can be intimidating when you're new.
So what exactly should you expect if you're coming for the first time?

LOCATION: 61 Victoria Street in East Maitland. It is next to the Victoria Street train station. There is easy parking and wheelchair access.
TIME: We start at 10AM, so try to get there pretty close to the starting time. The service will go for around an hour, and following that the coffee shop is open for orders until approx 11:30AM.

DRESS CODE: What dress code? There isn't one! You can wear whatever you feel like, whether that be a suit and tie or boardies and thongs.
During the public school terms 
Sprout Kids (age 3 to Year 4 at school)
JUNIOR YOUTH (Years 5, 6 & 7 at school)  

These programs all run during the second half of the church service. Kids and youth stay in for the music and upon it's conclusion head to their age specific programs (which finishes at the same time as the church service).
SPROUT Kids  is run by at least 2 leaders at one time and is a fun and relevant program to help kids get to know about God.
JUNIOR YOUTH  is where young people can get together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to talk through real life issues and the basics of Christianity. 

BABIES: Right next to the auditorium there is a parents room with toys if you ever need it. In this room you can still see and hear  the service, so that you don't miss out!

MUSIC: The service starts with music- and it's up to you whether you sit and listen or stand or sit.

PREACHING: The music is usually followed by a message (similar to a TED Talk style) which will give you practical tips on how to live an authentic Christian life. 

CAFE: There is a full cafe with gourmet coffee available to order after the church service. Stay and have a chat over morning tea if you like, or head off straight after the service finishes- it's up to you!


If you can't make it, catch up on the sermon on Youtube 

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